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"Body Bias:  Sizing Up Our Clients"

The training is suitable for all levels of clinicians.  The training is designed to encourage open conversations about the biases that we hold about body shape and weight, how those biases can influence our responses to clients who express dissatisfaction with their body, and if we are unknowingly causing harm with our responses. 


The goals are to increase awareness of the impacts of weight stigma, encourage weight inclusivity, and utilize a non-diet approach to overall wellbeing.

Available in 60 and 90 minute increments.  Contact me for scheduling and rates.


When a client says "I'm fat; I know I need to lose weight", how do you respond?  Is your response unknowingly causing harm?

Do you need support when working with a client in a larger body?  Do you want to learn more about weight stigma, but not sure where to beging?

I can help you navigate the diet culture narrative, understand weight stigma, and offer guidance on creating a weight-inclusive practice.

Available in 30 or 60 minute increments.  Contact me for scheduling and rates.  Please note, I offer student rates.