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Body Image & Body Shame

We live in a world that overvalues shape and weight.  We are inundated with messages that we must change our bodies or that we are not ok as we are.  We may have experienced shame by well-meaning health care professionals and loved ones.  We may have experienced cruel comments from complete strangers.  We may have taken it all in and decided that the only way to worthy is to change our body; to pursue thinness at all costs.  

Negative body image can impact all bodies, regardless of shape or size.  Many of us have spent a lot of time, energy, and money to contort our bodies to fit a societal ideal.  We  may have restricted our food, counted calories, or detoxed ourselves; the end result is that these methods have failed us.  We have learned not to trust our bodies and to rely on external sources to tell us how to move, how to eat, how to look, and how to live.  It is exhausting!

As a Certified Body Trust® Provider, I can assist you in reconnecting to your body.  The relationship we have with our body is complicated; I can help you heal it.  You can learn trust your body again.


All bodies are good bodies...even yours!

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